5 Best Mobile App Builders for Shopify (2024)

Written by Shreyash Dadhich
Shreyash DadhichApr 9, 2024

The mobile era is here, allowing you to order anything from anywhere with just a few taps on your mobile screen.

Apps are becoming more popular than websites as they enhance user experiences, boost conversion rates, deliver faster performance, offer features like push notifications, and more. Despite being available for more than a decade, not all eCommerce businesses and Shopify stores have fully capitalized on the potential of mobile apps.

You must choose the best Shopify mobile app builder according to your needs and requirements for your Shopify store from all the available options. The chosen one must provide an easy and seamless way to transform your Shopify store into a mobile application.

What should you look for in a Shopify Mobile app builder?

Below, we've outlined some crucial features that any Shopify mobile app builder should include. These are the must-have features of a Shopify mobile app builder.

Integration with Shopify

The first and most important consideration is that your Shopify mobile app builder must seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store. Integration allows you to use the app builder directly in Shopify admin. It also ensures that all kinds of data are automatically synchronized between the online store and the mobile app, providing a seamless experience for users across platforms. Additionally, it means less work for you, as you don’t have to enter the same data into multiple platforms.

No-code app building

No-code app builders enable Shopify store owners to create and update the app efficiently and effortlessly without spending a single penny on coding experts and programmers. It’s a cakewalk to make changes to the app with no-code app building. Changes can be done quickly using no-code app builders, simply by dragging and dropping elements onto the screen.

Push Notifications

Push notifications have a high click-through rate, almost 7x better click rate than email. Push notifications are more personalized and can be used to retarget old customers, and alert them about offers and sales. The conversion rate is also high as push notifications take customers directly to collections, products, and shopping carts. The app builders with the feature to send push notifications are always a better choice.

Best Shopify app builder feature Push notification, Bravoshop

Customer Support

While the best mobile app builder should be user-friendly and easy to use, there may still be occasions when you require assistance or support. The finest Shopify mobile app builder prioritizes efficient customer support for seamless assistance, with fast and effective service spearheaded by a dedicated App Manager.

The 5 Best Shopify Mobile App Builders for 2024

While there are many Shopify mobile app builders, they  vary in stability, features, and pricing. Therefore it’s important to determine which app builder best fits your requirements and budget.

Here are the five best Shopify mobile app builders we'll thoroughly assess and evaluate.

1. BravoShop

2. Shopney

3. MageNative

4. Vajro

5. Tapcart

Let’s dive into our picks for the best Shopify mobile app builders.

1. BravoShop

BravoShop Mobile App builder

Shopify Rating: 5 Star

BravoShop is a no-code mobile app builder built for Shopify stores. It is developed by a team of experts stacked with knowledge of e-commerce and mobile. BravoShop has all the features that a mobile app builder must have.

But that’s not all!

The user-friendly drag-and-drop visual app builder simplifies theme editing for the mobile app, ensuring effortless customization. You can test the app on your phone within 15 minutes and launch it in less than 60 minutes. Free plans and free trials are available in BravoShop. The paid plan starts at just $29 per month, in which you can utilize the no-code builder to set up your app and test it directly on your own phone.

Key Features

  • Features like no-code building and drag-and-drop make Bravoshop mobile app builder easy to use.

  • BravoShop offers more than 10+ beautifully designed and handcrafted building blocks that help you create a perfect app.
    (PS: If you need special kinds of blocks, just reach out to us)

  • You can send manual and automated push notifications for free, resulting in a high conversion rate.

  • Since BravoShop is fully integrated with Shopify, you can use it without leaving the Shopify admin. Integration also ensures an optimized checkout flow.

  • With Bravoshop, you won't need to worry about maintenance and security, as our dedicated team will take care of everything for you. This includes handling necessary communication with Apple and Google, as well as supporting new iOS and Android updates.

  • Get started for free to experience more features.


  • Free plan available

  • Getting Ready $29 per month

  • Core $99 per month

  • Power $499 per month


  • A dedicated app manager is available for support and assistance.

2. Shopney

Shopney Shopify

Shopify Rating: 5 Star

Shopney is a well-known mobile app builder for Shopify stores. It's integrated with the best Shopify apps to build your ultimate tech setup. This helps you provide better customer service and expand your Shopify store even more. Although it may take 5 days or more to launch the app. The trial period in Shopney is notably longer compared to others.

Key Features

  • A wide selection of themes is available for you to choose from.

  • You can send personalized and automated push notifications to engage with your audience.

  • In-app chat is available, it is beneficial to turn visitors into customers through chat.


  • Silver Plan - $149 per month

  • Gold Plan - $299 per month

  • Platinum Plan - $599 per month

3. MageNative

MageNative Shopify app builder

Shopify Rating: 4.8 Star

MageNative is a good option for entry-level and smaller stores. Additionally, its pricing is budget-friendly, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. The MageNative offers 30+ premium integrations to improve customer experience but the integrations are not supported in the basic plan.

Key Features

  • MageNative has the feature of Augmented Reality aimed at increasing the conversion rate.

  • AI-based product recommendations to boost sales.

  • Offers social logins to simplify customer onboarding.


  • Basic - $49 per month

  • Standard - $149 per month

  • Premium - $249 per month

4. Vajro

Vajro Shopify app builder

Shopify Rating: 4.9 Star

Vajro offers businesses a platform to effortlessly create and manage their native mobile apps without the need for coding expertise. Vajro's optimized features cater to both iOS and Android platforms, presenting innovative functionalities like live video selling directly within the app and through Facebook pages. Vajro has some unique functions like intuitive app navigation, dynamic product showcasing, and engaging live video sessions which enable businesses to bolster user engagement and drive sales effectively on their Shopify platform.

Key Features

  • Social selling- Live video to showcase products

  • Offers multiple languages and multiple currencies.


  • Starter - $99 per month

  • Core - $249 per month

  • Premium - $499 per month

  • Plus - $999 per month

5. Tapcart

Tapcart Shopify app builder

Shopify Rating: 4.7 Star

Tapcart is a popular Shopify app builder that transforms Shopify stores into mobile apps with features like analytics, unlimited push notifications, and multiple integrations. It offers plugins, customer reviews, and product videos, syncing in real-time with the Shopify store. However, it requires almost a week to build and launch iOS and Android apps.

Key Features

  • A dedicated implementation manager is available in all subscriptions.

  • Tapcart features an analytics dashboard that lets users explore and understand your app's performance.


  • Core: $200/month

  • Ultimate: $400/month

  • Enterprise: $1000/month


When it comes to the best mobile app builder for Shopify, opt for a comprehensive solution that encompasses all aspects, from push notifications to seamless app creation and publication, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Also, that app should provide all these features at a minimum cost.

This is where BravoShop emerges victorious.

BravoShop has all the features that a mobile app builder needs. While other mobile app builders offer starting plans priced at over $100 per month, BravoShop offers plans starting at just $29 per month, allowing you to set up and test your app on your phone, making it an incredibly cost-effective option. Compared to alternative mobile app builders, BravoShop offers a comprehensive solution tailored specifically to the requirements of Shopify merchants. BravoShop seamlessly integrates user-friendly functionalities, robust customization options, sales-focused features, and top-tier customer support, culminating in an unparalleled experience for creating mobile apps.

Ready to boost your Conversion rate?

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