Generating credentials for Recharge API

In this guide, you will learn how to generate a Recharge API key and find the API Client Secret. This will allow to you enable Recharge Subscriptions for your BravoShop app.

Generating an API Key

  1. Go to your Recharge dashboard
  2. Open Apps API Tokens, then click Create an API token.Recharge dashboard
  3. Enter the following Details:
    • Token nickname: BravoShop
    • Contact email:
    • Leave API Client Secret blank
    field, enter "BravoShop". Leave the other fields blank.
  4. Select the following product scopes:
    • Orders: Read and Write access
    • Subscriptions: Read and Write access
    • Customers: Read and Write access
    • Products: Read access
    • Customer Notifications: Grant access
    • Permissions not mentioned can be left at "No access"
  5. At the bottom of the page, agree to Recharge's API Terms of Service, then click SaveRecharge save
  6. Copy the API Key by clicking the copy button.Recharge copy API token
  7. Insert the API Key in BravoShop.

Finding the API Client Secret

  1. Click the name of the API Key you just createdRecharge click API token
  2. Select the value in the API Client Secret field and copy it.Recharge copy API client secret
  3. Insert the API Client Secret in BravoShop.