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August 2023: Scheduled blocks, product metafields, and analytics beta

Jan 26, 2024
Psst: This post was written retrospectively at the beginning of 2024 when the What's New section of our website launched, to showcase just how far we've come in the last 11 months. Enjoy!
- Lukas, founder of BravoShop

For many e-commerce owners and operators, the thought of adding another sales channel can be intimidating. There is already so much day-to-day work that needs to be completed!

We understand that. That's why we always try to create less work for our customers, rather than more. Whether that is by automating certain tasks, or allowing work to be done in advance (which leads us to the scheduled blocks feature).

We have a lot to cover today, so settle in!

Scheduled blocks

Schedule blocks to be shown and hidden at specific times

Instead of sitting up at 23:59 remove your Black Friday offer from the app, you can now simply set a "Visible Until" time.

This will automatically hide the block for all your customers when the specified time has passed. The block will still be available to you in the app builder, in case you want to bring it back at a later time or use it as a reference.

You can also combine Visible From and Visible Until to create a block that is only visible in a specific time span. This could be used for a flash sale where a discount code is only visible in the app for 15 minutes.

We're excited to see what you build using the scheduling feature!

And if you have any feedback or ideas, please let us know. Feedback is always greatly appreciated!

Product metafields

Some brands need to display more information about their products than just a title and a description. For brands selling food, this might be the nutritional content, while for brands selling clothing it could be the fabric type.

With the Product Metadata extension you can decide what extra information should displayed on the product page in your app. You can also split the fields into multiple sections.

Launching analytics (beta)

The stats you can see in BravoShop are meant to give you an overview of how your app is doing (app sales, monthly active users, new installs, etc). There is currently no way to dig deeper and look at detailed analytics.

We are changing that right now!

Analytics chart

The dashboard now provides you with in-depth analytics on your most popular products, how your push notifications are performing, and much more!

Note: Analytics is currently in BETA. If you want to be invited to the beta, please reach out to support.

Other changes and improvements

  • The app now supports 6 more currencies
  • You can now create product filters based on your product categories
  • Duplicate a block with a single click
  • We have greatly improved the loading speed of the builder
  • We have fixed a bug where order lines data would sometimes not sync correctly
  • Your customers can now create an account or sign in during checkout or from the more menu
  • We have improved the German translation of the app
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