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September 2023: Sell subscription products with Recharge

Jan 27, 2024
Psst: This post was written retrospectively at the beginning of 2024 when the What's New section of our website launched, to showcase just how far we've come in the last 11 months. Enjoy!
- Lukas, founder of BravoShop

A mobile app is not for all brands. For some it might be a waste of time. But for others it can be the differentiator needed to drive growth. Brands that sell subscriptions are usually a great fit, since their customers are already returning again and again.

But... you can't sell subscription products through BravoShop. Until now!

Sell subscriptions with Recharge

Our newest integration is with the subscription and payment provider Recharge Payments. Recharge supports some of the largest subscription brands in the world, though a lot of small and medium sized businesses also rely on Recharge for their subscription infrastructure.

Sell subscription products in your app

We have created a deep integration with Recharge. You just need to enter your Recharge API Key and your app will ✨ magically ✨ support selling subscriptions.

Your customers can then use the app to:

  • Buy subscription products
  • Check their current subscription
  • See when their next order will be placed
  • Edit their subscription
  • Cancel their subscription

Start selling subscriptions in your app →

Product sorting

When searching for products, your customers can now set how they want products to be sorted. Newest first? By price? Their choice!

Enabling this feature for your app can be done with 2 clicks.

Enable product sorting

More customizations in this department are coming. In the near future you will be able to customize which sorting options are shown to the customer and set a default sorting order.

Other changes and improvements

  • Customers can now store multiple addresses in the app
  • Orders placed through your website will now show up in the app for logged in customers
  • We have improved the load speed of shop pages
  • We have fixed a bug where the customer name was sometimes not updated if changed during checkout
  • The app can now handle more links in-app, including file downloads (if you sell digital products) and linking to specific products in a collection
  • You can now customize the size of the images in category blocks
  • We have fixed a bug where some Android devices would not receive push notifications
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