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December 2023: Focus on stability and preparing for the holidays

Jan 30, 2024
Psst: This post was written retrospectively at the beginning of 2024 when the What's New section of our website launched, to showcase just how far we've come in the last 11 months. Enjoy!
- Lukas, founder of BravoShop

The end of the year is near. This month we have focused on housekeeping and ensuring the stability of our platform.

Back in October we had a major outage, lasting for 30 hours. While we did our best to be transparent and keep our customers up to date, it wasn't a great start to the weekend. We spent most of Saturday communicating with both Shopify and our customers - and luckily fixed the root cause.

Since then we have spent a lot of time on making the platform more stable while ensuring product and order data is always up-to-date. And for the most part, I would say we have succeeded.

Preparing for the holidays

The holidays are always a busy time for stores - whether physical or online. We are doing our best to make sure that your app is just as reliable as your website.

We have optimized the way data synchronization is handled and added better logging to our services.

Other changes and improvements

  • We have upgraded our usage of the Shopify API to the newest version (please let us know if you notice any weird changes)
  • We now keep better track of the status of each order, including return and cancellation status
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