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May 2024: Improved analytics and an upgrade to the BravoShop core

May 31, 2024

When we released analytics last month, we were hoping for some great feedback. And you sure delivered! We've been rolling out tons of analytics improvements since then, both big and small.

Improvements to analytics

Push revenue attribution

The largest change is the way we track revenue generated from push notifications. Earlier, we would only attribute orders that were placed as part of the same session where the notification was opened. This meant that if a user opened the notification, looked around a bit, but then got distracted before confirming their order, we would not count the revenue generated by the notification. Even if the customer finalized their order just 15 minutes later.

We now attribute revenue using the same method as Klaviyo. If a customer opens a push notification, we will attribute all orders placed by that customer within 120 hours of the notification being opened.

Comparison with previous period

All stats are now compared to the previous period, so you can see how your app has performed over the last month.

This is now also more accurate, as we have reworked the way we calculate customer sessions.


Previously, the analytics page could take more than 15 seconds to load. This is no longer the case! In most cases, the page should now load in less than a second.

For apps with lots of active customers, the page may take a few seconds to load, but this is still much faster than the previous method.

If you experience any issues with excessive load times, please let us know!

Cohort retention

Our method for calculating cohort retention is now more accurate. This specifically relates to the requirements for a customer to be marked as "retained" in a given week.

Core upgrade

At the core of the BravoShop platform is React Native, used to power both the resulting mobile app and the builder. We've upgraded React Native to the latest version. This will result in a faster, more reliable app.

Upgrading React Native is no small tasks, as it also requires that lots of other packages be updated. To ensure full stability of your published apps, we are rolling this update out relatively slowly over the next few weeks.

If you notice any quirks, please make sure to reach out!

Other changes and improvements

  • We have improved the reliability of Instagram syncing
  • We fixed an issue where images would sometimes not show up in the app
  • There is now a notice in the dashboard if we need to hear from you before we can publish your app
  • We have improved authentication of existing customers in the app
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